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Common map properties

The Cartograph app supports offline vector maps, offline raster maps, slippy tile online maps, and web map service (WMS) maps.

All map types share the following common options:

  • Map name: The map name displayed in the Cartograph app.
  • Map description: A description of the map.
  • Attribution: Attribution (for instance license) of the map.
  • Default latitude/longitude: The default map position.
  • Default zoom: The default map zoom level.
  • Min./Max. zoom: The minimum and maximum zoom levels supported by the map.
  • Supports caching (read-only): If check then the map type supports caching.
  • Cache size: The cache size for the map given in the number of tiles. This option is not available for offline raster maps.
  • Cache file name (read-only): The internal name of the cache file.
  • Delete cache file: Deletes the cache file.
  • Map file size (read-only): The file size of the map file. This field is only visible for offline maps.
  • Time map modified (read-only): The time when the map was modified. For maps which do not contain a timestamp (e.g. online maps) the time the map was added is shown.
  • Map bounding box (read-only): The bounding box of the region covered by the map.
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