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Custom live tracking

The custom live tracking service allows you to send tracking information to a custom webserver. The webserver implementation is not part of the Cartograph app.

URL parameters

  • Enable service: Enables the service.
  • Service url: The webserver url which tracks the user. Possible parameters are described below.
  • Sending interval: The minimum track point generation interval in seconds. For instance, if this value is “60” then every 60 seconds a track point is generated. The actual sending interval depends on the bulk upload interval which can be changed in the live tracking settings.

URL parameters

The following parameters are available for custom live tracking servers:

  • {lat}, {lon}: The latitude and longitude of the tracking point (decimal format).
  • {alt}: The altitude of the tracking point in meters.
  • {hf}: The heart frequency in beats per minute (BPM).
  • {cad}: The cadence in revolutions per minute.
  • {pt}: The UTC timestamp in seconds of the measurement.
  • {ps}*: The UTC timestamp in seconds of the system when sending the data to the server.


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