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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here frequently asked questions are summarized.

Can I use serial GPS receivers on Windows?

Serial GPS receivers are supported on Windows 7 desktop and newer. Cartograph also supports USB and Bluetooth receivers which simulate a virtual serial port. Note: the Windows Store version does not support external GPS receivers.

Can I keep maps on the SD card on Windows Phone?

Yes. Maps and overlays which are stored on the SD card are not copied to the app storage. Files which are located on the phone's external storage are copied to the app directory.

What is the difference between the Windows Desktop and Windows Store version?

The Windows Store version supports internal GPS receivers only. The desktop version supports serial and Bluetooth GPS receivers only. The desktop version is not limited by sandboxing and thus allows more relaxed file operations (for instance maps need not to be copied). Generally, if you do not require access to the internal GPS receiver then we recommend to use the desktop version.

Can I open maps from the SD card on Android?


Is the track drawing/editing feature available on mobile platforms?

Yes. The drawing and editing feature is available on all platforms.

Is background track recording supported?

Yes. Background GPS track recording is supported on all platforms.

Is Windows Phone 8.1 supported?

Windows Phone 8.1 is not supported due to technical reasons (WP 8.1 does not support background GPS tracking which is a vital feature of the Cartograph app).

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