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General settings

In the general settings unit types (metric, imperial, nautic), temperature scales (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin), styling, and visible general map elements (scale bar, compass, annotations, etc.) can be changed.

Other options:

  • Disable map popup menu: If checked then the map popup menu is deactivated. The map popup menu starts when press-and-holding the map (or with the right mouse button).
  • Compact database: This compacts the main application database. Depending on the database size this can take some time.
  • Export database: This option exports the main app database (for instance for backup purpose).
  • Import database: This option imports a main app database file and overwrites the existing one. All data stored in the existing database will be lost!

On Apple iOS the Export/Import database options are not available. Instead, the database named main.sqlite can be directly copied using iTunes file sharing.

On most platforms the main.sqlite database can also be manually copied and replaced using the system file manager. It is not necessary to use the Export/Import buttons.

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