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Generic GPS source

Cartograph supports only serial port based GPS sources on Windows (desktop version). This article describes two options howto use virtual serial ports to connect other GPS devices (including the Windows Location source which is available starting with Windows 8.1) to Cartograph.

Option 1: GpsGate Splitter

GpsGate Splitter is a commercial tool (with a free standard option which is sufficient). If support for Windows Location sources is required then also install the Plugin installer which is available on their website.

In GpsGate Splitter select Virtual COM port and enter a free port number. In the Cartograph app select serial_device and enter the port from the GpsGater Splitter in the COM port field.

Option 2: GNSS Data Interface

GNSS Data Interface is a free tool for various GPS input sources.

First, a virtual COM port driver must be installed:

  1. Download the free virtual COM port emulation driver (32 bit version download, 64 bit version download). Make sure to download the correct version (32 bit for 32 bit Windows, 64 bit for 64 bit Windows).
  2. Run the virtual COM port setup with administrator rights (right click on the installation file and select “Run as administrator”).
  3. Setup a virtual COM port pair.

Then start the GNSS Data Interface application and select the second (COM3 in the screenshot) virtual COM port as output and click on the Open button. Then selection Interface - Start. After a few seconds (until a GPS fix is found) NMEA output will be shown.

Then go to the Cartograph app select serial_device and enter the first (COM4 in the screenshot) virtual COM port in the COM port field.

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