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GPS settings

The following options are available:

  • Update interval: The minimum interval between two measurements.
  • Min. distance between points: The minimum distance (in the local unit) between two points.
  • GPS source: The GPS source. Desktop systems offer a special webserver source. For external GPS receivers (“GPS mice”) select the serial_device source.
  • COM port (optional): The serial port of the external GPS device. This is case sensitive. On Windows this value looks like COM1. For the webserver source the value has to be the port number of the webserver.
  • Baud rate (optional): The baud rate of the external GPS receiver.

Direction marker options:

  • Visible: If checked then the direction marker is visible during tracking and recording.
  • Icon: The icon used as direction marker.
  • Icon size: The size of the direction marker icon.
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