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How to import offline maps

On all systems maps can be either directly downloaded in the Cartograph app or imported from external sources. Generally it is recommended to import maps from external sources in favor of using the built in download tool.

Apple iOS

Maps can be imported using the iOS Open in feature and iTunes file sharing.

iTunes file sharing works as follows:

  1. Connect your iOS device with your Mac/PC over USB and start iTunes.
  2. Select the Cartograph app in iTunes.
  3. Drag and drop the extracted map files to the Cartograph app in iTunes.
  4. Click on Import offline map in the Cartograph app and select the imported map from the file list.

Windows Phone and Windows Store

On Windows Phone and Windows Store the following rule applies: if the map is located on a removable storage (such as a SD card or USB drive) then the map is not copied to the phone's internal storage. If the map is located on the phone's external storage then the map is copied into the apps local directory.

URL schemes for direct download

Url schemes allow you to download maps, styles, and offline overlays directly from websites and other apps into Cartograph. Cartograph is compatible with Oruxmaps and Backcountry Navigator schemes. Cartograph does not support Locus schemes. Cartograph listens for the following url schemes (Android, iOS, Windows Phone/Store only):

  • cartograph-map
  • cartograph-theme
  • cartograph-overlay
  • orux-mf-theme
  • orux-mf
  • backcountrynav-action
  • backcountrynav-action-map
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