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Map settings

The map settings provide the following options:

  • Overlay map opacity: Defines the overlay map opacity. A value of “1” means that the map is full opaque and a value of “0” means that the map is completely transparent (and invisible).
  • Copy files to local path: If selected, then offline maps are always copied to the local app directory when imported from external sources. This feature is for instance useful if you want to import a map from a removable storage.
  • Map scale factor: This factor scales the map by the the given factor. Values smaller than “1” increase the visible map region while values greater than “1” decrease the visible map region. Scaling is a post processing process which affects rendering quality.
  • Map tile size: This value specifies the tile size used internally by the map view. It is recommended to keep the value as is. After pressing the Apply button the new tile size will be applied. It is highly recommended to completely restart the app after pressing the Apply button (on mobile platforms the app should be killed).
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