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Online maps

In addition to the standard map properties the following options are available for online maps:

  • Map type: The map type. Possible values are Online, Online overlay, and WMS. Online and Online overlay have the same functionality and are intended as a semantical differentiation only.
  • Map projection: The map projection type. This applies only to WMS maps.
  • Map url: The url of the online map service. The possible parameters are described below. The possible WMS parameters are described here.
  • User agent string: The user agent string sent to the map server.

URL parameters

The following parameters are available for custom online tile sources:

  • {x}, {y}, {z}: The standard slippy tile x, y, and zoom coordinates as used by
  • {ts}: The requested tile size in pixels. Common values are multiples of 256 (e.g. 512, 1024). If the online map provider does not support the given tile size then the image is automatically scaled.


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