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Route searching

Route searching works as follows:

  • Select Search route.
  • Then select two or more points on the map by clicking/touching the map. Each of these points will act as an anchor point for the route (e.g. the route is calculated through these points). Points can be moved by dragging the rectangle.

  • Use the Button “1” shown in the image above to delete the last anchor point.
  • Use the Button “3” to show the list of anchor points for removing or moving existing anchor points.
  • Use the Button “4” to cancel route calculation.
  • Use the Button “2” to continue with route calculation.

After pressing Button “2” a view with routing options will be shown. The available routing options depend on the selected routing provider. The routing provider can be changed in the Routing providers list. Press the Search route button on the bottom to continue. The map view will be shown again with the found route. Press the button with the checker to accept the route. To modify or skip the route press the button with the cross.

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