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Webserver GPS source

The webserver GPS source offers means to send location information to the Cartograph app via HTTP GET commands. In the GPS settings select webserver_source as GPS source and enter the HTTP port in the COM port field. Make also sure that your firewall does not block this port.

URL parameters

The following parameters are supported:

  • lat, lon (required): The latitude and longitude of the position in decimal format.
  • ts (required): The UTC timestamp in seconds.
  • alt: The altitude in meters.
  • hacc, vacc: The horizontal and vertical accuracy in meters.
  • dir: The heading in degrees from true north.
  • speed: The speed in kilometers per hour (km/h).

Example: http://localhost:2000/?lat=47.051&lon=15.328&ts=1000000&alt=100&hacc=20&vacc=500&dir=20&speed=10


  • This GPS source is only available on desktop platforms.
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