Help: How to load Oruxmaps SQLite maps

Starting with Cartograph 2.0.7 Oruxmaps SQLite raster maps are supported. Oruxmaps SQLite maps consist of two files, the map database "OruxMapsImages.db" and the map control file "*.xml". On iOS and Windows Phone both files have to be copied into the Cartograph map's directory (using the Wifi uploader or iTunes file sharing). The .db file has to be the same name as the .xml file. For instance if the xml file is named "MyMap.xml" then the db file's name must be "MyMap.db".

When both, the db and xml file, are copied into the app directory then the map can be loaded by opening the ".xml" file using the import menu entry.

With the macOS App Store version of the Cartograph app both files have to be located in the user's downloads folder (due to sandbox restrictions). The download folder is located under "/Users/your_user_name/Downloads".