I am looking for people who are interested in translating the Cartograph app into Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages. The complete translation consists of approximately 650 rows (you can see all words here [pdf]). Please contact me with if you are interested (also include your conditions). I am explicitly looking for users who are using the app or are interested in the app.
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System Price Download Link
Android 4 and newer see App Store Google Play Store
Apple iOS 10 and newer (iPhone and iPad) see App Store Apple iPhone and iPad
Apple MacOS 10.11 and newer (Apple Mac App Store) see App Store Apple Mac App Store
Microsoft Windows Phone 10 Universal App see App Store Microsoft Windows Phone 10
Microsoft Windows 10 Universal App see App Store Microsoft Windows Phone 8
Desktop Microsoft Windows 7/10 and macOS 10.11 and newer* 9.99 EUR** Apple macOSMicrosoft Windows
Demo version (based on 2.1.0) free Apple macOS 10.11 and newer
Microsoft Windows 7/10

* The license information is valid for both, Windows and macOS.

** If you have already purchased a mobile version of the Cartograph 2 app in one of the app stores then the price is 5.99 EUR (~40% discount). Just email us the receipt of the mobile version purchase.