Audio packages

Cartograph allows you to use custom audio files for routing instructions:

Download audio packages

The following table lists audio packages created by users. If you want to share your audio package just contact us.

Test audio packageSample package provided by Cartograph.euDownload | Install
Custom audio packages available for download.

Using audio packages

Custom audio packages can be activated as follows:

  1. Go to “Settings” – “Routing instructions” in the Cartograph app.
  2. Select “Custom audio files” as “Mode“.
  3. Select your audio package under “File“.

Now your audio files will be played back during routing.

Removing audio packages

Audio packages can be removed by simply deleting the package’s directory from the “Navigation audio” directory.

Creating custom audio packages

An audio package is a directory containing a set of audio files. The recommended audio format is “*.mp3” (depending on your system other file formats might work as well):

  • continue.mp3
  • keep_left.mp3
  • keep_right.mp3
  • off_route.mp3
  • roundabout.mp3
  • roundabout_left.mp3
  • turn_left.mp3
  • turn_right.mp3
  • turn_sharply_left.mp3
  • turn_sharply_right.mp3
  • turn_slightly_left.mp3
  • turn_slightly_right.mp3
  • u_turn.mp3
  • u_turn_right.mp3

Installing an audio package manually

If you just want to install an audio packages on your installation then these steps are required:

  1. Create a new sub-directory in the “Navigation audio” directory of the Cartograph app, for instance “My Audio Package”.
  2. Copy all audio files into the new directory.

Creating a shareable audio package

If you want to share your audio package then it is recommended to create a package file:

  1. Download the test audio package from the table above.
  2. Rename the downloaded file from “*.cpkg” to “.zip”.
  3. Extract all files.
  4. Modify the “mapdetails.json” file to your needs.
  5. Rename the “testaudio” directory to your package name.
  6. Create a *.zip file containing the “mapdetails.json” and the “package” directory.
  7. Rename the *.zip to *.cpkg.
  8. You can now share the package by uploading it to your server and then link to it as follows: “cartograph://”.

The following code shows the basic structure of the “mapdetails.json” for reference:

  "version": 3,
  "extracted_size_mb": 5,  
  "routingaudio": [
      "name": "Test audio package",
      "folder": "testaudio"

Please refer to the Map packages page for more details about creating map packages.