The Cartograph app is available on the following platforms:

SystemFree DownloadBuy Pro version
Apple iOS
Apple macOS 11 or newer*

Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer*

If you already have purchased the mobile iOS/Android yearly or life-time version of the app then just email us the receipt from the App Store or Google Play to get the desktop app for a ~40% discount (5.99€).

Change log

3.5.9 / 180 (03-06-2024)
- Added: "Multiply" option for raster maps (e.g. for hillshading).
- Added: It is now possible to create raster MBTile maps from offline maps too ("Generate raster map" in the map manager).
- Added: Tool for creating map atlases (a single large image map of up to 4 gigapixel) ("Create atlas" in the map manager). An example is available here: "" (~275MB download size!).
- Added: Support for map plugins on macOS (non-app store version only) and Windows.

3.5.8 / 179 (19-03-2024)
- Added: Option for opening distance measurement tools from the map popup menu.
- Added: Distance measurement tool with elevation profile which uses route calculation (accessible from the map popup menu).
- Added: Option for quickly navigating to track start point (during track recording) or "Home" location (bookmarks).
- Added: Support for Remotek controller (
- Fixed: Save calculated routes to correct folder when using "Save as track".
- Fixed: Cursor position when entering decimal coordinates.

The official change log is available here.

The full change log (including work-in-progress) is available here.