The Cartograph app is available on the following platforms:

SystemFree DownloadBuy Pro version
Apple iOS
Apple macOS 10.14 or newer*

Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer*

If you already have purchased the mobile iOS/Android yearly or life-time version of the app then just email us the receipt from the App Store or Google Play to get the desktop app for a ~40% discount (5.99€).

Change log

3.2.8 / (14-10-2022)
- Added: support for zoom levels up to 24.
- Changed: "+" icon color from cyan to blue for route calculation mode.
- Bug fixes.

3.2.7 / 97 (17-09-2022)
- Fixed: Popup menu for deleting side bar button.
- Fixed: Crash in route planner.

3.2.6 / 96 (16-09-2022)
- Added: French translation.
- Fixed: Italian translation.
- Added: The current line length (distance) and bearing are now showing in track drawing mode.

3.2.5 / 92 (31-08-2022)
- Added: Czech translation.
- Added: Italian translation.
- Added: Option for enabling Mapsforge (raster) hillshading.
- Added: Option for resizing selected track waypoint custom icons (e.g. Garmin icons).
- Fixed: Now icons can be bigger than 100x100 pixels.
- Bug fixes.

3.2.4 / 85 (25-06-2022)
- Fixed: Ordering when merging tracks.
- Fixed: Loading of old LocusMap render themes using DP values and special directory structure.
- Changed: BRouter now automatically stops the route caclulation after 30 seconds.

The official change log is available here.

The full change log (including work-in-progress) is available here.