The Cartograph app is available on the following platforms:

SystemFree DownloadBuy Pro version
Apple iOS
Apple macOS 11 or newer*

Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer*

If you already have purchased the mobile iOS/Android yearly or life-time version of the app then just email us the receipt from the App Store or Google Play to get the desktop app for a ~40% discount (5.99€).

Change log

3.5.4 / 172 (22-01-2024)
- Added: Option for changing tilt on by using the trackpad or mouse wheel while the CTRL key is pressed.

3.5.3 / 166 (10-12-2023)
- Fixed: Languages are eventually not loaded on first app start.
- Fixed: Crash when using "geo:" urls on Android.
- Removed: Subscription options on Android. Now only the life-time license option is available.

3.5.2 / 162 (05-12-2023)
- Added: Cartograph Cloud Sync service (
- Added: Freehand drawing option to the track drawing tool (orange "+" symbol).
- Added: Delete option to the track info popup.
- Fixed: Rendering problem with VTM Mapsforge maps and zoom levels greater than 17.
- Fixed: Re-download option for maps, overlays, and styles fails if the target directory does not exist.
- Fixed: Problem when opening external files on Android.
- Fixed: BRouter routing problem (in some countries).

The official change log is available here.

The full change log (including work-in-progress) is available here.