The Cartograph app is available on the following platforms:

SystemFree DownloadBuy Pro version
Apple iOS
Apple macOS 10.14 or newer*

Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer*

If you already have purchased the mobile iOS/Android yearly or life-time version of the app then just email us the receipt from the App Store or Google Play to get the desktop app for a ~40% discount (5.99€).


3.0.5 / 52 (16-01-2022)
- Show folders in track manager always on top of list.
- Added option for setting label text transparency independent of background transparency.
- Changed: Use media file name as waypoint name.
- Bug fixes.

3.0.4 / 51 (14-01-2022)
- Show only selected search result in the map when clicking on it.
- Added default track settings options for distance markers, etc. (in the Track manager settings).
- It is now possible to use global waypoint labels and custom icons at the same time.
- Stop GPS tracking when moving the map.
- Added option for modifying the settings (e.g. distance markers, etc.) of multiple tracks.
- Added "Switch map" popup menu entry for showing all available maps for the current location.
- Added "Load track" popup menu entry for showing all tracks available at the current location.
- Added option in the Map manager menu for downloading all missing map files.
- Fixed low quality output of some raster map formats.
- Added option for disabling zoom animation (in the Map manager settings) when using the zoom buttons. This is useful for keeping exact zoom levels during zooming.
- Added option for scaling the whole user interface (in the global settings - "App styling").
- Fixed: Remember last map zoom level.
- Bug fixes.

3.0.3 / 45 (12-01-2022)
- Changed: Allow to change map zoom limits of visible maps. Depending on the map type it is eventually necessary to reload the map (from the quick menu) after changing zoom limits.
- Added a workaround for Mapsforge multi-map rendering problems.
- Fixed: Do not jump to last point when removing track point during track drawing.
- Added function for directly entering a map download url (e.g. a permanent DropBox links, links to your own webserver, etc.).
- Automatically check for app updates (desktop version).
- Added option for creating Mapsforge multi-maps from map folders.
- The map zoom min/max levels are now respected when enabled.
- The track manager is now closed and map location tracking stopped when zooming to a track.
- Map location tracking is now stopped when moving the map to a point of interest (waypoint, search result, track position, etc.).
- Bug fixes.

3.0.2 / 43 (09-01-2022)
- Fixed/improved vector text rendering.
- Bug fixes.

3.0.1 / 41 (07-01-2022)
- Added Hungarian translation.
- It is now possible to import multiple map files at once.
- Added option for (de-)selecting all maps in the Mapsforge multi-map settings.
- Added option for (un-)loading whole map folders.
- Added option for (un-)loading whole overlay folders.
- Bug fixes.

3.0.0 / 40 (07-01-2022)
- First public version.