The Cartograph app is available on the following platforms:

SystemFree DownloadBuy Pro version
Apple iOS
Apple macOS 10.14 or newer*

Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer*

If you already have purchased the mobile iOS/Android yearly or life-time version of the app then just email us the receipt from the App Store or Google Play to get the desktop app for a ~40% discount (5.99€).

Change log

3.1.8 / 78 (09-05-2022)
- Added: Option for adding a bookmark from the track info popup.
- Added: Option for moving the track's level to the top/bottom/one level up/one level down from the track info popup.

3.1.7 / 77 (02-05-2022)
- Added: Option for removing all track points after the selected point in the track drawing mode by clicking on the dragging marker.
- Added: It is now possible to automatically calculate a path between two points using a routing service (such as BRouter, OSRM, etc.) in the track drawing mode.
- Added: Polish translation.
- Added: It is now possible to select a custom storage location for all files (only on non-sandboxed systems).
- Added: It is now possible to quickly add routing points by clicking on the map while holding the keyboard CTRL/COMMAND key.

3.1.6 / 75 (23-04-2022)
- Added: Show distance and altitude of map center line in the altitude profile.
- Added: Option for increasing and reducing raster map contrast (as effect in each map's options).
- Added: Option for keeping Map/Track/Overlay manager open when clicked outside (in the each manager's settings).
- Bug fixes.

3.1.5 / 74 (20-03-2022)
- Added option for using custom line styles for the measurement tools (in the Map manager advanced settings).
- Added option for automatically restarting location tracking after a given time of seconds (in the Map manager settings).

3.1.4 / 72 (14-03-2022)
- Added: Always-visible trip computer window (draggable and resizable).
- Bug fixes.

The official change log is available here.

The full change log (including work-in-progress) is available here.