Multi-device synchronization

Starting with Cartograph Maps version 3.x.x settings, bookmarks, tracks, overlays, activities, media files, maps and map styles can be synchronized between devices using the Cartograph cloud service.


The cloud synchronization feature has the following limitations:

  • Loaded map and style (render theme) entries are not updated during synchronization.
  • Underlying files, such as offline maps, offline overlays, and file attachments of bookmarks and way points are not synchronized.
  • The total number of entries for each category is limited to 20000. All elements exceeding this limit are not synchronized. For instance if you have 100 tracks and a bookmark overlay with 30.000 bookmarks, then the bookmark overlay is skipped while all 100 tracks are synchronized. Generally it is highly recommended to exclude bookmark overlays or tracks with many (more than 1000) way points from synchronization because it slows down synchronization.


The cloud synchronization service is located in the main menu under “Backup manager” – “Sync data“.

The following options are available:

  • Connect: Connects the sync service to a Cartograph user account.
  • Disconnect: Disconnects the sync service from a Cartograph user account.
  • Settings:
    • Upload: Uploads the app settings to the server.
    • Download: Downloads the app settings from the server. Note: After downloading you have to restart the app. On Android and iOS you have to kill/terminate the app using the system task manager.
  • Sync in background: When checked, then synchronization runs in background. Note: This option is only available after the first (initial) sync.
    • Interval: The background synchronization interval in seconds.
  • Download only: If checked, then data is only downloaded from the server but not uploaded to the server.
  • Ignore files outside of the sandbox: If checked, then offline overlay-, map-, and style entries which point to a file outside of the sandbox are not synced. It is recommended to enable this option else you get “dead” entries.
  • Ignore files without download URLs: If checked, then offline overlay-, map-, and style entries which do not have a download link are not synced. It is recommended to enable this option else you get “dead” entries.
  • Items: The items which should be synchronized:
    • Tracks
    • Overlays (e.g., bookmarks): Offline overlay files are not synchronized but only the overlay entries.
    • Maps: Offline map files are not synchronized but only the map entries.
    • Styles: Style files are not synchronized, but only the style entries (including layer settings).
    • Media files: e.g., way point icons.
    • Activities
    • Workspaces


  • Do I have to buy a cloud sync subscription on all devices?

No. The subscription is linked to the Cartograph account which means that one subscription can be used on all platforms and devices, as long as the same Cartograph account is used.

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