Quickly accessing track properties and tools

A bubble popup dialog is shown when press-and-holding a track or track point. The popup shows different track properties (distance, time, …) and provides a menu with the following functions:

  • Save as track: Save the track to the track manager (for tracks coming from a track search provider, or a KML overlay).
  • Properties: Edit track properties (see Track properties).
  • Navigate to: Navigate to the selected point.
  • Altitude profile: Create an altitude profile for the track.
  • Zoom to: Zooms to the selected point.
  • Draw track: Starts the track drawing mode with the selected track.
  • Measure distance: Measures the distance between two points on the track (including altitude profile).
  • Create segment: Cuts the track at the given position and creates a new track segment.
  • Unload: Removes the track from the map view.
  • Delete: Deletes the track from the map and the track manager.
  • Set as start: Defines the selected position as the start position for distance markers.
  • Add bookmark: Adds a bookmark to the selected track point.
  • Move: Shows a dialog for changing the order of the selected dialog.
    • Move to top: Moves the track to the top.
    • Move to bottom: Moves the track to the bottom (so that all other tracks cover it)
    • Move one level up: Moves the track one level up.
    • Move one level down: Moves the track one level down.

The following video shows how to open and use the different functions:

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