Custom web server for track upload and track search

Cartograph Maps can upload tracks-, and send track search queries to your web server. You can add a custom webserver in the User account manager.

The following options are available:

  • Authentication: Allows to specify a username and password for authenticating with the web server.
  • Track search.
  • Track upload.

Track search

Track search allows you to search for tracks within the currently visible region. Track search can be accessed from the Search manager.

The track search URL has the following format:{query}&boundingbox={bbox}

The following query parameters are automatically replaced:

  • {query}: A URL encoded (optional) search term which can be entered during track search.
  • {bbox}: The bounding box of the currently visible map region. The bounding box is a comma-separated string of the format “min longitude, max latitude, max longitude, min latitude” ( in other words: top left and bottom right coordinates).

The web server has to return a plain GPX file which can include tracks, segments, and waypoints.

Track upload

The track upload tool uses HTTP multi-part POST for uploading a GPX formatted file to the web server saved in the HTTP form field “file“.

After upload the server must return a JSON formatted reply:

	"result": true,
	"message": "Upload success"
  • result“: true on success, false on failure.
  • message“: A message which is shown after upload.

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