Search manager

The search manager can be used for searching addresses and points of interest.

The search manager offers two views: A search view for searching in online services and an overlay view for searching within overlays.

Search view

The search view allows you to search addresses in online services, such as Nominatim, Google, and Bing search.

Overlay view

The overlay view allows you to search addresses in overlays such as Mapsforge POI files, bookmarks and other sources which have been installed in the Overlay manager.

Track view

In the track view you can search for tracks from 3rd party services, such as,, and custom web servers.

Search manager settings

The following settings are available:

  • What’s here?: The service which is used for all “What’s here” queries.
  • Waypoint: The default waypoint used for search results which do not contain a custom icon.
  • Always use default: If enabled then always the default search waypoint icon is used.

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