Live Tracking

The Cartograph app allows you to share your current location using:

Cartograph Live Tracking service

The Cartograph live tracking service allows you to share your location with others via a web online map and track your friends‘ location.

You can add a new Cartograph Live tracking service as follows:

  1. Go to the live tracking manager.
  2. Press the “+” button and select “Cartograph Live tracking“.
  3. The following dialog will be shown:

Next, press the “Setup” button:

  • Username: Chose an arbitrary username. The username will be shown to your friends. You can change the username later.
  • User-ID: If you already have a user id (e.g. on another device or from a backup) then you can enter it here. Never share your user id with others because it grants full access to your track recordings.
  • Renew friend-ID: If you want to generate a new friend ID then you can check this checkbox. Generating a new friend id will invalidate your old friend id, meaning, that all your friend will loose access to your location information.

The live tracking service is now ready to use. Next we will take a look at some options:

  • Friend-ID: You can share this ID with your friends so that they can track your location.
  • Automatically create tracks: If checked then a new track is created when you start track recording. The recording track’s name is used as the name.
  • Name: Here you can create a new track on the server with the given name.
  • View: Shows the current track on the web server.
  • Tracks: Shows all tracks stored on the web server. Here you can also delete recorded tracks from the web server.

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