Custom Live Tracking Service

The Cartograph app allows you to send your location to live tracking services via HTTP GET:{lat}&longitude={lon}


The following URL placeholders are supported:

  • {lat}: The latitude in degrees.
  • {lon}: The longitude in degrees.
  • {alt}: The altitude in meters.
  • {course}: The course in degrees.
  • {dst}: The distance in meters.
  • {speed}: The speed in meters/second.
  • {pt}: The point measurement time in seconds (Unix timestamp).
  • {st}: The time when the URL was generated in seconds (Unix timestamp).
  • {hf}: The heart frequency in beats/minute.
  • {cad}: The cadence in revolutions/minute.

The following URL placeholders are supported but NOT filled with data. Future updates might add support for these parameters:

  • {cal}: The kilo calories consumed.
  • {power}: The power in watts.
  • {temp}: The temperature in degrees Celsius (°C).
  • {lightint}: The light intensity in Lux.
  • {hum}: The humidity in percent.
  • {ap}: The air pressure in millibar.
  • {steps}: The number of steps.

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