Track manager settings

Cartograph track manager settings

The following settings are available:

  • Show track point info popup: If enabled then a popup dialog is shown when clicking/press-and-holding a track in the map view.
  • Create GPX file after recording: If enabled then the recorded track is exported to a file after recording.
  • Import segments as tracks: If enabled then each segment in a GPX/KML file is imported as an individual track.
  • Skip waypoints when importing tracks: If enabled then waypoints are not imported from GPX/KML files.
  • Trip computer columns: The number of columns shown in the movable trip computer overlay field (since Cartograph 3.1.4).
  • Default: Defines the default style for tracks.
  • Active track style: Defines the style for active tracks. A track is active during track recording and track drawing.
  • Waypoints: Defines default properties for track waypoints.
  • Enable Garmin waypoints: If enabled then Garmin waypoint icons are used for waypoints imported from GPX files containing Garmin waypoint information.
  • Altitude profile: Here the colors used in the track’s altitude profile can be changed:
    • Graph: The color of the graph and its background.
    • Center: The color of the map center line and handle.
    • GPS on/off: The color of the GPS line when the GPS is turned on or off.
  • Defaults: Specifies default values for newly created tracks.

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