Track manager settings

Cartograph track manager settings

The following settings are available:

  • Keep manager open when clicked outside: If enabled, then the Track manager view will not close when you click outside of the view.
  • Automatically save imported tracks in track manager: If enabled, then imported (e.g., via Drag&Drop) tracks are automatically added to the track manager.
  • Show track after import: If enabled, then new imported tracks are immediately loaded and shown on the map.
  • Simplify segments: If enabled, then segments having equal start or endpoints are automatically merged into a single segment when importing tracks.
  • Show track point info popup: If enabled then a popup dialog is shown when clicking/press-and-holding a track in the map view.
  • Import segments as tracks: If enabled then each segment in a GPX/KML file is imported as an individual track.
  • Skip waypoints when importing tracks: If enabled then waypoints are not imported from GPX/KML files.
  • Deactivate track with eye icon: By default tracks are unloaded when the eye icon is pressed. If this option is enabled then the track is just hidden in the map view. This function is useful if you want to quickly toggle tracks on/off.
  • Trip computer columns: The number of columns shown in the movable trip computer overlay field (since Cartograph 3.1.4).
  • Default: Defines the default style for tracks.
  • Active track style: Defines the style for active tracks. A track is active during track recording and track drawing.
  • Waypoints: Defines default properties for track waypoints.
  • Enable Garmin waypoints: If enabled then Garmin waypoint icons are used for waypoints imported from GPX files containing Garmin waypoint information.
  • Altitude profile: Here the colors used in the track’s altitude profile can be changed:
    • Graph: The color of the graph and its background.
    • Center: The color of the map center line and handle.
    • GPS on/off: The color of the GPS line when the GPS is turned on or off.
  • Defaults: Specifies default values for newly created tracks.

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