Track manager

Cartograph track manager

The track manager manages all tracks. It provides two views:

  • Active: A list of loaded tracks which are shown in the map view.
  • Tracks: A list of all available tracks.

Clicking on the “eye” icon next to each track will load or unload the track from the main map view.

Track entry popup menu

A popup menu with the following options is shown when clicking on a track entry:

  • Load: Loads the track into the map view.
  • Unload: Unloads the track from the map view.
  • Goto start/end: Moves the map to the track’s start or end position.
  • Zoom to: Sets the map zoom level so that the complete track is visible.
  • Altitude profile: Shows an altitude profile for the track.
  • Navigate: Starts navigation along the track. This option is only available when the track contains routing hints.
  • Route planning: This starts the route planner with the track loaded as initial route.
  • Continue recording: This option continues track recording by writing new GPS points to the selected track.
  • Properties: Opens the track properties. More details can be found under Track properties.
  • Move to folder: Moves the track to a given folder.
  • Export: Exports the track to a file (GPX, KML):
    • Format: Specifies the file format.
    • Filename: Specifies the target file name.
    • Waypoints: If checked then also waypoints are exported into the file.
  • Upload: Upload the track to 3rd party services.
  • Fix altitude: This option replaces the track’s altitude data with data from an altitude provider (for instance HGT elevation data):
    • Copy: Creates a new track with the altered altitude data.
    • Overwrite: Directly overwrites the altitude data in the selected track.
  • Delete: Deletes the track.
  • Clone: Creates a copy of the track and its waypoints.
  • Draw track: Loads the track for drawing. In drawing mode you can manually add, remove, and move track points.
  • Resample track: Creates a new track with reduced number of track points. This function is useful if you need a small-sized track with a low number of track points.
  • Save waypoints as bookmarks: This option saves all waypoints associated with the track to a bookmark overlay.
  • Remove routing hints: If a track contains routing hints, then this option removes the track’s routing hints.
  • Simplify segments: This function creates a new track and joins segments with equal start or end points.

Track folder popup menu

A popup menu with the following options is shown when clicking on a track folder:

  • Delete: Deletes the folder and all tracks contained in the folder.
  • Rename: Renames the folder.
  • Move to folder: Moves the folder to another folder. After moving the folder is a child (sub-folder) of the other folder.
  • Load: Loads all tracks in the folder into the map view.
  • Unload: Unloads all tracks in the folder from the map view.
  • Properties: Opens a dialog with the following options:
    • Custom style: If enabled then all tracks in the folder will have the style defined here.
    • Apply to sub-folders: If enabled then also tracks in sub-folders will have the custom styling.
  • Random colors: Assigns random colors to each track located in the folder.
  • Export: Exports all tracks in the folder into a single file.

Track top toolbar menu

The top toolbar provides the following buttons:

  • : Toggles between track selection and normal mode. In selection mode, tracks can be selected by clicking on track entries.
  • : Opens a filter dialog:
    • Enable filter: If enabled then tracks are filtered.
    • Search term: If not empty, then only tracks containing the given term in their name or description are shown.
    • Limit to visible area: If enabled then only tracks in the current map view’s visible region are shown.
  • More: Shows a menu with the following options:
    • Settings: Opens the Track manager settings.
    • Unload all: Unloads all tracks from the map view.
    • Sort: Opens a dialog with sorting options tracks in the track manager.
    • Batch modify: Opens a dialog with batch modifying tracks:
      • Apply to:
        • All (all tracks).
        • Loaded (only tracks which are loaded in the map).
        • Checked (only tracks which are selected in the track manager).
    • (De-)select all: (de-)selects all tracks in the track manager.
    • Delete selected: Deletes all selected tracks.
    • Load selected: Loads all selected tracks into the map view.
    • Unload selected: Unloads all selected tracks from the map view.
    • Merge selected: Merges all selected tracks into a single track.
    • Move selected: Moves all selected tracks to another folder.
    • Export selected: Exports all selected tracks into a single (GPX, KML) file.
    • Help: Shows this page.

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