Keyboard shortcuts

The desktop version offers the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • CMD+R or CMD+F5: Reload the map.
  • CMD+,: App settings.
  • CMD+S: Style manager.
  • CMD+T: Track manager.
  • CMD+M: Map manager.
  • CMD+O: Overlay manager.
  • CMD+F: Search.
  • CMD+L: Show default Mapsforge style layers.
  • CMD+G: Go to coordinate.
  • +/-: Zoom in and out. The zoom level change can be toggled with the SHIFT key (do NOT press and hold the SHIFT key!).
  • Left/right/up/down: Scroll the map.
  • CMD+mouse wheel or track pad: Tilt the map.

Note: “CMD” is the Command key on macOS, and the “CTRL” key on Windows.

Carpe Iter Control

  • ESC, C, or K: Zoom out.
  • A or Q: Zoom in.
  • Left/Right/Top/Bottom: Move the map.
  • D: Toggle between map rotations modes “Fixed” (angle 0), “Heading“, “Compass“, “Viewing direction” (since version 3.4.5).
  • Return/Enter: Toggle track location mode (since version 3.4.5).


  • Up/Down: Zoom.
  • Left/Right: Pan the map.

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