Overlay manager

The overlay manager manages all types of overlays such as points of interests (POIs) and bookmarks.

Top toolbar menu

The top toolbar menu offers the following options:

  • Settings:
    • Cluster waypoints: If enabled then waypoints are clustered leading to a less crowded map.
    • Max. number waypoints: The maximum number of waypoints shown on the map for each overlay. A high value can have a significant negative impact on performance.
    • Enable audio waypoint alerts: If checked then a sound is played when heading towards a waypoint with an attached alert.
    • Enable visual waypoint alerts: If checked then a red warning banner is displayed when heading towards a waypoint with an attached alert.
    • Default alert distance: The distance when an alert is played when heading toward a waypoint.
  • Check for updates: Check if there are updates available for overlays. This function works only for overlays with associated download urls.
  • Unload all: Unloads all overlays from the map view.
  • Help: This page.

Overlay entry popup menu

The overlay entry popup menu offers the following options (the available options depend on the overlay type):

  • Load: Loads the overlay into the map view.
  • Unload: Removes the overlay from the map view.
  • Zoom to: Zooms the map view so that the bounding box of the overlay is completely visible.
  • Properties: Shows overlay dependent overlay properties. For instance:
    • Name: The overlay name.
    • Exclude from sync: If checked then the overlay is not synced during cloud sync (see Cloud backup).
    • Min./Max. zoom: The zoom level range where the overlay is visible.
    • Bounding box: The bounding box covering all points in the overlay.
  • Delete: Deletes the overlay and the underlying file if the following conditions are met:
    1. The overlay file is located in the Cartograph “Offline overlays” directory and
    2. The overlay file is not used by another overlay.
  • Move to folder: Moves the overlay to another folder.
  • Clone: Create a copy of the overlay.
  • Redownload/Update: Re-downloads the overlay file from the webserver. This option is only available if the overlay is associated with a download url.
  • Circular distance: Creates circular distance measurement circles around all currently visible overlay points.
  • Calculate bounding box: Re-calculates the overlay’s bounding box.
  • Import file: Imports a file with waypoints into the selected bookmark overlay.
  • Export: Exports the selected bookmark overlay into a (GPX/KML) file.

Overlay folder popup menu

The overlay folder popup menu offers the following options:

  • Delete: Deletes the folder and old overlays in the folder.
  • Rename: Renames the folder.
  • Move to folder: Moves the folder to another folder.
  • Load: Loads all overlays in the folder.
  • Unload: Unloads all overlays in the folder.

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