Mapstyles manager

The map-styles manager manages map styles (“render themes”) for vector maps.

Top toolbar menu

The top toolbar menu provides the following options:

  • Settings:
    • Extract styles: If checked then zipped styles are extracted in the “Mapsforge styles” directory. This option is useful for developing custom render themes because you can directly edit the XML file.
  • Check for updates: Checks if updates are available for the styles. This works only for styles with an associated download server.
  • Info: This page.

Style entry popup menu

When clicking on a style entry the following popup menu entries are available:

  • Set as default Mapsforge style: Sets the style as the default Mapsforge style.
  • Set as default MBTiles (vector) style: Sets the style as the default MBTiles (MVT) vector style.
  • Layers: Opens a dialog where you can select Mapsforge layers provided by the selected style (city, bicycle, hiking, etc.).
  • Properties:
    • Enable Mapsforge features: If the style is a Mapsforge style then this option should be enabled.
  • Rename: Renames the style.
  • Delete: Deletes the style.
  • Move to folder: Moves the style to another folder.
  • Clone: Creates a copy of the style entry.
  • Redownload/update: Re-downloads the style. This option is only available when a download url is attached to the style.

Main view “+” button

The “+” button offers the following options:

  • Add folder: Adds a new folder.
  • Import style: Imports a style from a file.
  • Download style: Shows a dialog with sites offering styles for download.

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