Sidebar buttons

Sidebar buttons are located around the app screen’s border and allow quick access to app functions. Sidebar button can be configure in the General settings.

The following video shows how to setup sidebar buttons:

The following functions are available as sidebar buttons:

  • 3D Map View (3D): Shows a 3D snapshot of the current map view (e.g. useful for getting a feeling for the terrain). This tool is not available on macOS!
  • Backup manager (SYNC): Starts the backup manager (Cloud backup).
  • Bike bell (BELL): Shows or hides the bike bell tool.
  • Circular distance (CIRCLE): Starts the circular measurement tool.
  • Distance circles around waypoints (M-CIRC): Creates circular measurement tools around all currently visible waypoint markers.
  • Download altitude data (ALT): Downloads altitude data for the currently visible map region.
  • Downloads (DL): Shows the background download manager.
  • Draw track (DRAW): Starts the track drawing tool.
  • Elevation profile (ELE): Starts the elevation profile measurement tool.
  • File manager (FILE): Starts the app’s file manager showing app’s document directory.
  • Freehand drawing (FREE): Starts the free-hand drawings tool for adding drawings on top of maps (e.g., for annotations).
  • Goto coordinate (X/Y): Starts the “Goto coordinate” tool.
  • Hide all map elements (HIDE): Shows/hides all map elements such as tracks, markers, etc.
  • Layer (LAY): Shows the default Mapsforge render theme layer selection dialog.
  • Live tracking (LIVE): Shows the live tracking manager.
  • Magnifier tool (MAG): The magnifier tool allows you to zoom into parts of the map. This is for instance useful if you want to read a small text on the map.
  • Map locks (M-LOCK): Shows the map locking tool for individually locking the map pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom features.
  • Map screenshot (SCR): Creates a screenshot of the map and saves it to a file.
  • Maps (MAP): Shows the Map manager.
  • Measure distance (DIST): Shows the distance measurement tool.
  • Navigation (NAV): Starts the navigation tool.
  • Navigation mode (N-MOD): Starts/stops the navigation mode which enable map tilt, zooms into the map, and enables GPS tracking.
  • Overlays (OL): Starts the Overlay manager.
  • Reload map (REL): Reloads the map view.
  • Reset alerts (ALERT): Resets all visited waypoint alerts to “not visited” again.
  • Rotate map (ROT): Shows the map rotation tool.
  • Screen lock (LOCK): This tool locks the screen (without turning off the screen). The screen can be unlocked using an unlock gesture.
  • Search (FND): Shows the search manager.
  • Sensors (SENS): Shows the sensor manager (e.g. for external heart rate monitors and other Bluetooth devices).
  • Settings (SET): Opens the app settings (General settings).
  • Styles (STYLE): Opens the Mapstyles manager.
  • Style switcher (Q-STY): The style switcher allows to quickly toggle between render themes (e.g. one theme for the night, one for day, etc.). Press and hold the button to open a style selection list.
  • Tracks (TRK): Opens the Track manager.
  • Workspace (WS): Opens the workspace manager.
  • Zoom lock (ZOOM): Locks the map data at the current zoom level. This means that map details will not change when you zoom in or zoom out the map.

2 thoughts on “Sidebar buttons

  • September 15, 2022 at 2:14 pm

    Ich kann bei mir neue Buttons in den Sidebares anlegen, aber nie wieder löschen.

    • September 15, 2022 at 2:27 pm

      Bitte einfach auf den Eintrag (bzw. auf den kleinen Pfeil rechts) klicken. Dann öffnet sich ein Menü mit Optionen, z.B. zum Löschen.


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