Hidden features

The Cartograph app has some “hidden” features:

  • Press and hold the coordinate info field: Opens the “Goto coordinate” tool.
  • Press and hold the map scale bar: Opens a dialog where you can select the exact map scale (for instance 1:1000, 1:10000, etc.).
  • Press and hold the compass button: Toggles between different map rotation modes.
  • Press and hold (or right-click) on a track: Opens popup window with track details. Pressing the “+” icon gives the following options:
    • Properties: Edit track properties (see Track properties).
    • Navigate to: Navigate to the selected point.
    • Altitude profile: Create an altitude profile for the track.
    • Zoom to: Zooms to the selected point.
    • Draw track: Starts the track drawing mode with the selected track.
    • Measure distance: Measures the distance between two points on the track (including altitude profile).
    • Create segment: Cuts the track at the given position and creates a new track segment.
    • Unload: Removes the track from the map view.
    • Set as start: Defines the selected position as the start position for distance markers.

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